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As part of our drive for continuous improvement and through investment in modern technology to drive efficiency, the Group has invested in excess of £5 million over recent years to install and commission a new automated Computer Numerical Control (‘CNC’) processing line at its main production facility at Dalton.

The new line has green credentials using direct drive, low-energy, low-maintenance servo motors supported with carbon tipped tooling. This enables processing to be achieved in seconds rather than minutes, covering a range of processes including saw cuts, drilling, milling, blasting and profiling with plasma and oxy fuel. The line is designed to process a complete range of steel sections through a combination of heavy-duty processing machines, optimising flow and increasing throughput with minimal manual intervention.

The Group’s investment brings the best-in-class CNC equipment and software, coupled with automated handling and tracking to enable our production lines to meet high volume steel production requirements to service the wide range of Severfield clients.

“This investment is another step towards our goal of higher-level production capability that supports our efforts to maximise throughput at our Dalton site and at the same time delivering improved efficiencies. Coupling state-of-the-art machining capability with autonomous handling and processing equipment has challenged the team to both plan and think differently in how we process steel in volume. Going forward, this in turn will help Severfield stay at the forefront of delivering high quality products with best-in-class service and support to our customers.”

Mike Mannion
Group manufacturing director

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