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How our strong foundations continue to deliver sustainable growth

Over the last year, we have once again demonstrated the Group's resilience, confirming our position as the UK's largest specialist structural steelwork group.

During the pandemic, we have been able to support our employees, our customers, and our other stakeholders through this challenging time, maintaining our focus on their health, safety and wellbeing together with protecting the financial strength of the Group. The strength and quality of our record UK and Europe order book and breadth of our experience across a wide and diverse range of market sectors leave us well positioned to continue to build on this success.

Our purpose

is to develop better ways to build, for a world of changing demands.

As the world of work and industry evolves, the buildings we use and the things we demand from them change constantly. Our response is to stay habitually innovative. We are instinctively driven towards better ways of building. Our engineers are known for their remarkable ingenuity, consistently pushing boundaries to create better buildings.

Our strategy

revolves around five main elements to enable us to deliver sustainable long-term value creation. This is aided by our business improvement programme.




Operational excellence


Our values


There's a reason it's known as 'safety first'. We make no apologies for the fact that profit and loss, deadlines and headlines all come second to making sure everyone goes home safely every day.


We operate in a complex and challenging industry, one that often requires innovative thinking and a flexible approach to deliver successful outcomes. The one thing we'll never compromise on is our integrity, which ensures we're able to maintain the exceptionally high standards we set for ourselves.

Customer focus

Our clients are paramount in all that we do. We are here to understand their requirements and meet their aspirations. Together we will deliver projects of which we can all be proud.


We may move with the times, but our long and rich history means that we have a few old-fashioned beliefs. One of those beliefs is that you stand by your word. When Severfield say we'll deliver, whatever challenges lie ahead, you can depend on us to deliver, and to the highest possible standards.