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Full details of climate-related metrics and targets performance disclosures, including GHG emissions, can be found throughout the 'Building a responsible and sustainable business' section.

Our sustainability framework also supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ('UN SDGs'). The table below illustrates our key achievements in the year against our four sustainability pillars and our progress against the metrics and targets we use to measure our performance in each area, as well as identifying the seven UN SDGs where the Group can have the biggest impact:

PillarActivities/KPI2022 performance
Continue to improve the environmental impact of our processes and projects. Support sustainable construction through circularity, strive for net zero and enable efficient business practices.

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  • GHG intensity
18% reduction in our scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions from 2018 (our base year) using a market-based approach.
Slight 2% increase from 2021 reflecting the full year impact of DAM Structures.
  • CDP global evaluation rating
Improved our CDP rating to A- from a B rating.
Maintained our CDP supplier engagement leader rating of A.
  • Other industry accreditations achieved
Improved our BES 6001 rating to 'very good'
Listed as the top UK construction company in 2022 in the Financial Times - Europe's Climate Leaders index.
  • Green electricity usage
16% improvement in 2022 to 89% green electricity used in our wholly owned factories (2021: 73%).
Support our teams to be diverse, engaged, motivated, and competent. Engage positively with projects and the local communities in which we work.

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  • Gender pay equality
0.94 male/female normalised hourly rate ratio.
  • Diversity and inclusion %
9% of our workforce are female (2021: 10%) and women represent 3% of construction roles across the Group (2021: 4%).
  • Accident frequency rate
11% improvement in 2022 to 0.16 (2021: 0.18).
  • Incident frequency rate
11% improvement in 2022 to 1.32 (2021: 1.48).
  • Director safety visits undertaken
73% improvement in 2022 to 85 (2021: 49).
  • % of employees paid above Living Wage
98% of employees paid at or above the Real Living Wage.
Deliver sustainable, profitable growth whilst satisfying our ethical, legal and contractual obligations.

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  • Economic value generated and distributed
11% improvement in 2022 to £403.6m (2021: £363.3m).
  • Economic value distributed
11% improvement in 2022 to £382.6m (2021: £343.2m).
  • Net investment
Stable net investment at 24%, consistent with the prior year (2021: 25%).
  • Supply chain due diligence
100% (2021: 97%) of suppliers subject to annual supply chain contractor due diligence reviews
  • Corporation taxes paid
£3.8m (2021: £4.6m) reflecting a 18% decrease due to increased tax credits and capital allowances.
  • Prompt payment reporting
93% (2021: 95%) of invoices paid within agreed payment terms in latest PPC reporting period for our signatory companies.
Principles of governance
Show leadership in delivering a sustainability programme which considers whole life impact, taking us beyond compliance and ensuring continuous improvements.

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  • Board diversity
22% (2021: 22%) of the Group's board are women.
  • Board tenure
7.1 years (2021: 6.1 years) average tenure of our board of directors
  • Executive committee diversity
18% (2021: 17%) of the Group's board are women.
  • Coverage of certified environmental management systems
Group-wide 100% accreditation to ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management) (2021: 100%) and ISO 45001:2018 (occupational health and safety) (2021:100%)
  • Ethics training rate
10% improvement to 91% as percentage of colleagues receiving regular ethics training (2021: 81%)